Yahoo! Store RTML Programming

Leading RTML programming for your Yahoo! Store One of the reasons Yahoo! Stores is such an easy-to-manage eCommerce platform is what we like to call “that magic of RTML.” The Yahoo! Store platform was originally developed in 1998 by Viaweb using this proprietary programming language. Now, RTML is Yahoo!’s flexible, proprietary coding language and is what gives stores the ability to dynamically generate navigation and pages based on IDs in your store editor. In short, stores using RTML templates save business owners valuable time. Yahoo! Store RTML Programming

RTML templates are essential for maintaining your Yahoo! Store through the store editor. In order to have a custom Yahoo! Store design, you must have customized RTML templates. RTML templates would include one for your shell and homepage, your section page and your item page. Because RTML is a proprietary language, Yahoo! Store owners will most likely find they need help to design and program their store’s templates — but once the store is built, it’s easy to manage. No longer will you have to edit every page individually as you would if you were using something like Yahoo! Site Builder. Larger stores — even with in-house designers, non-Yahoo! developers, or store owners with a designer friend will most likely outsource the RTML programming to a specialized RTML developer, such as Solid Cactus. And since design of these RTML templates go hand-in-hand with programming, coming on board with a complete Yahoo! Store package makes sense.

Solid Cactus has a team of RTML programmers and web designers with years of experience that can design RTML templates and implement them into a working interface that is easy for you to maintain. Not only are we experts in RTML programming, but also in developing innovative Yahoo! Store features that work with the RTML to enhance your store.