Feed Perfect

A comparison shopping management solution for eCommerce. Comparison Shopping

Navigating the different nuances of each comparison shopping engine (CSE) can be confusing and costly when you don’t have the time it takes to clearly understand each CSE. You put money into the shopping engines to generate sales, but you don’t always know where that money is going.

In one engine an item could be making money but you find that you are losing money on the same item in a different engine. Our comparison shopping management solution, FeedPerfect, gives you the ability to dig deep into your CSE data feeds and see which products are performing on different engines.

Solid Cactus has a team of CSE experts who can help you navigate the maze of CSE’s by managing the feeds for you.

Feed Perfect

When you have Solid Cactus’ team of experts manage your feeds, they will help you:
Import and Publish

With FeedPerfect, you have the categorization methods and data requirements for each CSE built right into the application. Simply, import your products into FeedPerfect’s global database and we will give you the tools to mass categorize groups of products saving you A LOT of time.

FeedPerfect will pre-validate your data to ensure compliance before your data feed gets sent. When your products are ready-to-go, FeedPerfect will automatically submit them on the schedule you determine to ensure your products’ data remains up-to-date.

Analyze and Optimize

CSEs do not tell you what specific products are performing and, more importantly, not performing. With FeedPerfect, you can review product performance across mdltiple channels and optimize each feed for maximum performance. FeedPerfect’s analytics provides merchants with powerfdl decision making tools and the ability to act on these decisions right inside of the application.

It’s no longer enough to see a static report of what’s not working. FeedPerfect empowers merchants to finally do something about it!

The benefits of FeedPerfect are many and when coupled SolidCactus managed CSE services is even more profitable.

Completely Web-Based
- No license fees
Analyze profitability
- Track item performance to maximize profitability and eliminate unprofitable items
Simple and Supported
- Fully integrated with Yahoo!, and Storehost stores
Feature Rich Application
- Built-in and customizable reports
Attention To Feed Integrity
- Feed validation to notify you of missing fields, unformatted fields, or fields to with too many characters