Saving Time for Businesses on the Move

Traveling to locations that may or may not have Internet access makes it difficult for Winton Churchill of Barefoot Consultants to send emails and process orders. All the traveling he's required to do leaves him short on time and resources to back end manage his business. Thankfully, Solid Cactus Call Center is there to handle all order processing from back in the states!

The advantage of Solid Cactus is that we have a number so our clients can call ...anytime during business hours in the United States and have someone to take care of them.

—Winton Churchill,
Barefoot Consultants

Barefoot Consultants keeps Winton Churchill on the road and in the skies, in all traveling a tentative 50,000 miles to five yearly seminars held in association with International Living, a publication specializing in travel and retirement destinations. In the past six months he's already traveled 32,000 miles. Traveling internationally leaves Churchill short on time and limits he and his staff technologically.


"The remote locations we go to don't have great Internet service, or any Internet service in some cases," Churchill said.

Some seminars take him as far as Ecuador.

"It's usually simple little problems, but it requires time and it requires being there," Churchill explained.

That's where Solid Cactus Call Center steps in. At every seminar he receives around 20 to 50 orders which have to be physically entered into the order system and then accepted by the credit companies. Things get complicated when small things go wrong, such as a transposed number or a mismatched zip code, shipping or billing address. Credit companies then can't automatically accept the order. A simple order that would take just a few minutes to upload to the system now requires a call to the customer to confirm the order information, which Churchill said happens typically ten to twenty-five percent of the time.

Churchill used to have to wait until he got back home to process orders, which increased order time and prolonged his time spent at home rather than working on the road. Once he leaves an event the order information is immediately sent to Solid Cactus where an agent inputs the information into the order system. With Solid Cactus Call Center managing the virtual office services, it provides Churchill more time to travel so he can work on other seminars, publication writing and research, which also requires travel.

Churchill said his Solid Cactus representative acts like an extension of his operations, calling to confirm order information and solving customers' ordering issues. Churchill is often taken into different time zones because of certain seminars, making it impossible to conduct calls during regular business hours. Solid Cactus Call Center staff is available daily to make calls to customers during regular business hours.

"It saves us from having to have a full time person manning the phone during business hours," said Churchill.

Barefoot Consultants is in the process of developing a monthly membership site, which Churchill said will increase customer service needs and he expects Solid Cactus will help with the expansion.

"Solid Cactus will be our first line of defense and the good news is that it's transparent to our clients. They answer as if they are us and on our behalf."

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Barefoot Consultants teaches baby boomers how to earn extra income by putting their skills and knowledge on the global market. Winton Churchill has resided in Mexico for the past three years, and has been providing seminars and training through Barefoot Consultants for two and half years. He also provides one-on-one training and seminars besides those conducted in association with International Living.


Winton Churchill of Barefoot Consultants provides seminars and training on how to make money while still enjoying traveling, vacations and occasional getaways.

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