Marketing Features

It's finally here, the day your eCommerce store is being launched. You've waited and watched as your dream has been designed, developed, and programmed and now you’re ready to open the doors so to speak. Opening your store is only the first step in your eCommerce journey. In order to get visitors and turn them into customers, you’ve got to market your store.

Solid Cactus eCommerce is one of the most robust platforms on the market because not only do you now have an optimally designed store but you have all the Internet marketing tools you’ll need right at your finger tips. We know how vital these tools are to your success, so we’ve included them with your store.

Marketing Features

You want to start showing up on the Google search results, so reach into your marketing “toolbox” and pull out the search engine optimization (SEO) tool. You want to provide the most effective customer communication with your new email marketing software. Social media is the trendy way to reach prospective customers, so start your presence. Pay per click can get you noticed faster. Comparison shopping engines (CSE) can double, triple, or quadruple your store’s exposure so you don’t want to leave this tool in the box.

We know it isn’t about picking and choosing the right tools, it’s about utilizing them all simultaneously so you receive the best possible results. You can track the effectiveness of all your efforts with the built-in ad tracking and integration in your SCeC(sp) Store. Everything you need to increase conversions, reach prospective buyers and bring in repeat business is found within.

Affiliate Marketing

Increase your online exposure and create additional revenue by encouraging other websites to sell your products. Our built-in interface makes it easy to track affiliate sales, get creative and establish strong relationships with affiliate marketers.

Email Marketing

Take complete control over your email marketing with built-in email marketing software that is easy to use. Send customers targeted offers they'll want to receive and keep them in touch with your store by sending new product updates, sales, and more.

Social Media Tools

Imagine using your blog or social media page to sell even more products. With the social media tools you can place add-to-cart buttons and text links that will take customers directly to your site with items already in the check out.

Surveys and Forms

Web form generator and survey software already in your cart makes it easy to collect customer information and get more sign ups for your email list. You can get instant feedback and opinions on how you can better optimize your site or which products they’d like to see added.

Upsell Express

Using this secure, upsell technology, you can increase order size instantly. Use sales funnels to create multiple post-sale offers without worrying about risking the initial sale.

Ad Tracking

Want to know what is and isn’t working in your marketing efforts? Built-in ad tracking tools allow you to see what campaigns are top performers and which need to be adjusted to maximize their potential.

Analytics and Reports

Run reports, conduct marketing tests, track campaigns, and never be in the dark with how well you’re performing in all aspects of your business.

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