Answering Service

Custom small business answering services Phone ringing off the hook? Too busy to answer it? If you are busy, business is good. But…
… Letting a call go to voicemail or placing a customer or prospect on a lengthy hold is not helping your business. Sales can be missed. Service can suffer. You can’t take that chance at losing business. If the nature of your business frequently has you away from a phone, a telephone answering service is what you need. Remember: You are paying good money to advertise your business online, in newspapers, in the phone book, or wherever. That number is out there for a reason and you need to be there to answer if you want to increase business. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t be advertising, right?) Answering Service

Solid Cactus Call Center services can work with businesses of all kinds to develop a personalized answering service solution.

  • Answer calls and take messages
  • Get messages to you, in the format you desire
  • Set appointments
  • Answer questions
  • Provide price quotes

We hire and staff only the most skilled professional customer service representatives who will provide the same level of service and care that you would in your own personal office setting. Many telephone answering services take a call only to ask if the caller can be placed on hold. That’s not the way we operate.

Our affordable, customizable answering service solution allows you to choose exactly how you want calls answered, what services you’d like us to provide, and we’ll follow your instructions to the “T”.  With the help of your personal account manager at Solid Cactus, you can build the most powerful, most affordable tool for the future of your business.

An answering service is perfect for any business that has a phone, especially those where owners and staff are on the phone all day themselves or out of the office frequently, such as contractors, investment brokers, travel agents, service and repairman, and more.

Let us Create an Answering Service Plan Tailored to Your Business! Contact Us Today!